How to get the correct PIO Name and Address

Getting the correct PIO name and address is very important for filing an effective RTI. If it is not correct then your RTI may either be just returned or in some cases the application is forwarded to the correct address but it takes much more time to get information.

Almost all PIO names and addresses can be found online also though every government department is required to have a notice board with the name of the PIO and other relevant RTI information in a properly visible space. Getting the PIO names and address online is the easiest and most convenient way.

The first step is to know the correct department to which your RTI application needs to be sent. This information can be obtained wither by looking at the office involved or the list of departments in the state.

After identifying the correct department the next step is to find the exact office to which you want to send your RTI application. Generally each office has their own PIO.

To get the PIO names and address of state and central governments you can visit these websites:

Link 1 Link 2

Ministry wise website and Links 

The PIO information can be obtained from the website of any government organization such as Embassies, NHAI, PSU’s etc.

We have listed here the links to the PIO directories of different states. Some states have very good online tools for this purpose while some states do not. I have tried here to find the best web pages for each states for the purpose. Its always good to not give up and try different government websites to get the correct information.

Andhra Pradesh : Link

Arunachal Pradesh:  Link 1 Link 2

Assam: Link

Bihar: Link

Chhattisgarh: Link

Goa: Link 1 Link 2

Gujarat: Link

Haryana: Link

Himachal Pradesh: Link

Jammu and Kashmir: J&K has separate RTI act

Jharkhand: Link (not PIO link)

Karnataka: Link

Kerala: Link

Madhya Pradesh: Link

Maharashtra: Link

Manipur: Link (not PIO link)

Meghalaya: Link

Mizoram:  Link (not PIO link)

Nagaland: Link

Orissa: Link

Punjab: Link

Rajasthan: Link

Sikkim:  Link

Tamil Nadu: Link

Tripura: Link

Uttaranchal: Link

Uttar Pradesh:  Link (not PIO link)

West Bengal:  Link

Andaman and Nicobar Islands:  Link

Chandigarh: Link

Dadar and Nagar Haveli: Link

Daman and Diu: Link

Delhi: Link

Lakshadweep: Link

Pondicherry:  Link

I hope this information is helpful. Please feel free to contact us for any clarification or suggestions.

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